Your bridesmaids are your closest family members, friends and confidants. You trust them to be there for you on your wedding day - and they trust you to make them look gorgeous! Anderson's can help you with that.

They certainly don't make bridesmaid dresses like they used to. Today's maid dresses are modern and creative. And yes, they really can be worn again.

Our bridesmaids gowns come in a variety of colors, styles and sizes - just like your maids. Visit Anderson's to find the best complement to your wedding gown, whether you're looking for one dress to complete your elegant vision or several dresses to add spice to your bridal party.

Anderson's is the local Alaskan authority on all things wedding party, we definitely know what we are doing. If your girls live out of state we will ship their gown to them free of charge (once we have inspected it). We offer a wedding party discount of 10% off each girls dress when you have 4 or more girls ordering directly from us, not to mention free financing! (to place their orders they only need to pay 1/2 of the total price (balance due once the gown arrives in store)
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